Friday, August 26, 2011

You wanted more, you're getting it.

All summer we have been approached by folks who want more Theica. So after spending time working on various projects, we have something to show for it. Our EP "Viva La Theica" is coming out next month! Thanks to all who helped us finance it and bought wristbands. We couldn't have done it alone. We will release it on CD and digitally.

Now we understand that you all miss having your faces melted so we are booking more public shows. If you hadn't noticed we are playing tomorrow at the Tralf Music Hall. Doors open at 6pm and we hit the stage at 9pm. In September we have a show [date/time TBA soon] at Bullshooters Bar in Erie, PA. In October we will be playing at D'arcy McGee's on the 7th. It is a Breast Cancer Awareness Benefit for Roswell so you really should come. Save the boobies!

Expect more content and a face-lift for our site in the next month. More shows and new songs in the near future. Come rock with us and have a ball! Viva la Theica!!!!!