Theica is a Hard Rock band that has hailed from Buffalo, NY since 2008. We named ourselves after this wonderful country, our banner being the reverse of the 1 dollar bill folded in half so the two circles meet. When you listen to us you'll find that our Hard Rock a is riff-driven steam roller with a strong back beat. The lyrics reflect our vision on the world around us as we go through life in the USA. Many bands have inspired us, but no other group on earth shares the same sound and style. We have played shows in clubs all over Western New York and Western Pennsylvania, from the Evening Star to the legendary Tralf Music Hall.We are Matt Hochadel, Mike Chmiel, and Ryan Edmonson.

Q. What does Theica mean?
A. Flip over a dollar bill. Fold it so the two circles make one. It's an abbreviation of "The United States of America".

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Theica is:

Matthew Hochadel - Vocals, Lead Guitar

Michael Chmiel - Backing Vocals, Bass Guitar
Ryan Edmonson - Drums