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If you want to book Theica for an upcoming show you can contact us via email: 

Viva La Theica!

List of equipment we can provide for small or acoustic gigs:
  • Fender Passport P-250 P.A. System (125 Watts RMS per speaker, 2 speakers, 2 stands.)
  • (Qty. 1) Behringer Eurolive b208d (135 Watts RMS. Used as a monitor for the drummer.)
  • (Qty. 1) Kustom PA KPM210 (100 Watts RMS. Used as a monitor in between the vocal mics.
  • (Qty. 2) Sennheiser e825s microphones.
  • (Qty. 1) St. Louis Audio active D.I. box.
  • (Qty. 1) Pyle Pro passive D.I. box.
  • (Qty. 1) Audix D6 drum microphone.
  • (Qty. 1) Marshall Valvestate VS-100 guitar amplifier. (100 Watts RMS)
  • (Qty. 1) Acoustic B200H and Yamaha BBT410s bass rig. (200 Watts RMS)
  • Jackson Dinky DS20 electric guitar
  • Fender Jazz bass guitar.
  • Pearl Vision drum kit.