Saturday, November 14, 2009

What music we play

Not Heavy Metal, not Psychedelic, not Blues, but straight-up Hard Rock. Our influence comes from many of the bands that have come out of the 60's-early 90's. Our sound while being a bit gritty, keeps true to the loud expression of Rock and Roll. All of our songs are original, that means we don't play covers. Theica isn't planning on being the next up and coming Jukebox band. So if you are looking for the same-old, familiar songs of the past, turn on the radio or listen to your LP collection. You won't get that at one of our shows. What you will get is some great new music that carries the same spirit. Something that you might not recognize but might find that you do relate to it.

Listen to Urban Cowboy by Theica to get an idea. Its not the newest recording so check out our Youtube to view more recent performances.