Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Planning a summer of kick ass!

We are booking a lot of shows this summer. We plan on kicking this season's ass! Here's what we have information for so far:

Update! 5-30-13

For The Music Productions: An Acoustic Thursday (AT2) at Broadway Joe's!
June 13, 2013

For The Music Productions: Campfire Fundraiser
July 6, 2013 @ Broadway Joe's Bar and Grille

Aublex Band Management: Biker Bash
August 10, 2013 @ Mound Grove
This is going to be the first PA appearance and is only a short drive from Buffalo. This is a great summer show. If you want to make sure you get all your partying in before Autumn sets in, go to this event!

Also be on the lookout for an Acoustic Show! There is one in the works for the beginning of June.