Tuesday, September 17, 2013

WNY Music Awards

If you aren't aware that the WNY Music awards voting is going on, here's a reminder to vote for your favorite trio. Last year we took home Best Rock Band.

It takes only a second to click! We would really appreciate your votes.
Vote for Theica

Vote for Matt in the Best male rock vocalist category

Vote for Mike in the Best bass guitarist category

Vote for Ryan in the Best drummer category

If we take at least one of these awards home we will do something special for you fans. :)

Also be sure to hang out with us at the Music Is Art Festival this Saturday. We are scheduled to be on the ballroom stage at 3:30pm. Come early because with this many bands it's hard to guarantee a specific time. Here's the festival's app link. It has everything from the schedule to a map of the whole thing! http://eventmobi.com/miaf13/#!/